Monday, May 24, 2010


This has been a fantastic long weekend: concert on Friday, shopping and family visiting on Saturday, church and garden work on Sunday and mostly reading and basking in the sun on Monday.
It's the perfect weekend to go along with the tra la la phase. :) All is good and right in the world and I'm certain that everything is going to work out just perfectly.....and likely this month will be THE month. Sometimes it helps to admit just how much I think that this truely is the month. I shared this with A last night and felt good about it, felt more grounded.
I know it may sound healthy to be so optimistic and hopeful and maybe it is. The unfortunate thing is that I've been incredibly sure before... and then been totally, utterly, compeltely wrong. That's the deal with these phases, they repeat and repeat and repeat. It's hard not to take my 23 cycles and 'learn' something about cynicism.
However, the tra la la phase dangles a lovely hope that the past is the past and has absolutely no bearing on the future. And all my reading this weekend helps that too...luckily it also gives me a foundation to hold on to as the other phases come. It's a book called So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore and she's fantastic. :)
Whether the months ahead lead to pregnancy or other paths, I do have some certainties to hold on to:
- God has a plan for me/us and it is good.
- The path may not be easy but it will be worth it.
- Whatever the future, I will grow, learn and move forward.
- I have great people in my life who love me and whom I love. I am grateful for them.


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  1. Great to hear about your lovely weekend. And thanks for the reminder about the book. I'm ordering it this week!