Monday, May 3, 2010

Coon Tales Part 1

I'm not terribly fond of the raccoon. They are scavengers and often cause a nuisance in suburban neighbourhoods but they are common around our area. However, I'm quickly about to get a lot closer to the raccoon that I ever wished....because they have infested our house.

The discovery: One Saturday, my husband, upon finally getting around to mowing the lawn after about 6 weeks, entered the shed to find things somewhat disheveled. Some wood was knocked over, some insulation was on the ground. He raised his head to find two glowing eyes peering down at him. He quickly exited and called a pest control company who came by on Monday with a humane trap. According to the conservation folks, they only assist with dangerous animals and a raccoon being a small mamal does not qualify. I'd like to argue the 'small' and 'not dangerous' qualities of raccoons. However, more than that, I'd like it gone.

I don't anticipate this being an easy endeavour though. See the raccoon(s?) has climbed up the wall of the shed, which is actually just a partially enclosed area under part of our deck, and dug a nest into the insulation between the deck above and the ceiling of the enclosed indoor room under the deck. Judging by the noise when you go into the room, there may be more than a family!

If/when we catch the wild creature, we have to leave it in the trap, which we have baited with an egg, while we check the 'nest' and if there are babies, we gotta let the sucker out of the trap and allow her to move her babies whenever they are old enough to move.

Uuugh! And if there are no babies, we don't get the satisfaction of driving the wild thing far far away because apparently they will die if you do that. Apparently you have to close up the area they were in and do something to make it less appealing and then just let the sucker go, right there. How unsatisfying. I mean, I don't want to be a murderer, I just want a rodent free home, but I'd like it far far away, thanks.

In the meantime, my husband has turned into a nature of things cameraman. He purchased a motion activated camera, hooked it up to the computer, and set it up in the shed with the light on to see what he can capture.

Let the coon huntin begin! It's been 24 hours and nothing so far.

Ah adventures in home ownership!

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