Friday, May 7, 2010

Showdown at dusk

We may have evicted the raccoon! Here's how the final showdown went. Warning: some dramatization may be added for fact, it's guaranteed seeing as how my husband (A)describes this entire thing in about 3 sentences.

Picture it, about dusk, air still warm, A opens the shed door intending to put a loud radio in the space to make it less comfortable for our uninvited guest. Staring back at him, frozen mid-step down the board that acted as his ladder to his 'nest', is the raccoon. They stare at each other for a minute.

Neither moves, each sizing up the threat the other presents. The raccoon calls A's bluff and continues walking down the board, past A, and under the lower deck out of sight. A crouches down to looks under the deck after him, the raccoon stares back. A issues a verbal threat. The raccoon is unoffended but scoots on his way across the yard and into the trees.

After looking carefully into the hole and determining there are no kits, A quickly goes about cutting a board to size and nailing it up to cover the area that had exposed plastic and insulation. Thus, hopefully closing off all opportunity for re-infestation by said coon.

So, no trapping, hunting or killing of the raccoon was required. Just a stealy gaze, a sharp word or two in a booming bass voice, (for a thin guy, my husband has some seriously low tones!) and some quick work with a saw, nails, and a hammer.

Bye, bye Mr. coon!

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