Sunday, June 20, 2010

Only way out

A and I have a saying, "The only way out is through." I don't know where he/I read or heard it but it comes in very handy and it's true for so many circumstances in life. This is one.

I've spent the past 2 weeks processing the need for surgery, the concern about eggs, my own fears around all of that. I'm still processing but it's getting a little easier. The first week felt like crisis. The second week was about preparation and action.

I've got a fistful of referrals from my Doctor - phycologist, accupuncture, massage, nutritionist. I'm going to get through this as 'healthily' as I possibly can. (Is healthily a word?) I actually already had my first accupuncture appointment and it was amazing. I had some strong reactions. This week I've got massage and accupuncture and I'll start making some calls to psychologists to see if I can find one that 'fits.'

I also found out my surgery date - end of July, day before my birthday and smack in the middle of our planned vacation. I'm surprized, relieved, grateful and disappointed at this. (Nothing is simple these days. :)) Except, now that I know the date, everything else can fall into place around it. I'm giving myself permission to do whatever I think may help me be happier and feel better until the surgery date.....and maybe after too. Not a bad way to approach life in general really. Why does it take extreme circumstances to make me care so much for myself? Ah, so many lessons to learn in life.

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