Monday, June 7, 2010

That's not Nothin!

I don't know if I mentioned it before but part of the crazy of the whole infertility cycle often has people hoping for something to be wrong. As in "please let this be something that can be defined, and fixed so we can move on from this."

I didn't know what to hope for from my visit with the specialist today. I didn't think it would be anything more than a consult; a get-to-know-you, go over all the details, ask all the silly questions about the things I've been trying and not trying and thinking of trying to make things happen.

It was not like that.

It was probably a total of 15 was very fast, lots of information, lots of questions, three different 'exams' and then.....not nothin. I'm left reeling and thank God my great husband was there so I can tell him what I remember and see if it jives with what he remembers. So as I freak out, he can reel me back in.....see he's got a better perspective than me, which may be easier since he's got the super-sperm that leaves all the doctors going, 'whoaho boy, no issues there!' Which is great, it's something to be very grateful for. However....

The great specialist looked at all my details and said, "high chance of endometriosis." This means surgery to determine the extent, which will mean about a week off of work! It's real surgery. It also means there are some treatments but no cure and I don't know yet whether the extent of it will mean infertility long term or not. That's not all though.

I also don't have as many eggs as what he'd expect to see in someone my age....that, along with the shorter cycles and the maturity of the eggs so early in my cycle is reason for concern. It means we want to move quickly. It means he'll likely be recommending assistance down the road. We don't have time to play around with here.

I'm shell-shocked.


  1. wow I'm glad it's not nothin and I am glad that you got so much info. It must be great to get some information that's more than just we will wait and see and take more tests. If there is a limited amount of time what did the doc suggest as the next step? I love you stacey and I know good things will come:)

  2. Fear not Stunning Stacey.
    There is great hope to be had. Inspiration can be found everywhere.

    I suspect you hate it when people say "I know a person with just that condition...." Unsolicited advice really irks me. But, here I go, giving you unsolicited advice. My co-worker's wife had the early stages of endometriosis. Had the operation. Then as soon as she healed they naturally conceived twin boys. The boys are now 3 years old and she is healthy...tired, but healthy.

    I hope for you a success story like hers.
    love you