Sunday, July 4, 2010

DINK Weekend

There are many things that I look forward to about motherhood. There are also a lot of things to love about my life today. So I'm going to blog a bit about what I appreciate about today because it helps to focus on the good.

We took a 4 day weekend this week. We stayed home and had the perfect DINK (double income no kids) weekend. It was fab-u-lous!

Thursday I had a long, dress-up-in-a-skirt-and-do-it-right lunch out with a girlfriend. Since that was 4 days ago I only vaguely remember how A and I spent the rest of the day but some of it involved napping and a BBQ dinner and a late movie in the theatre instead of braving the crowds at the Canada day celebration. It was casual, it was relaxing, it was entirely indulgent.

Friday was epic. We slept till 11! Try doing that with kids! Ha, not on your life! Then we took off to home depot and picked up a rototiller and spent the next 5 hours breaking our backs out in the yard. The yard across the whole front of the house is now a dust wasteland. It makes me think of the great depression. We ate lunch at 4:30 when we were nearly falling over from hunger and so filthy we had to take our clothes off in the front entry way so we wouldn't cake the inside of the house in dirt the way we did the outside. It was awesome! We followed that with a bit more dirty work, a survey of the progress and then came inside to clean up.

After we washed the dirt off and out, we got dressed up and headed out for dinner at a pub. Not the local pub. Not even close to home. We headed to Fairfield because it's a cool little neighbourhood and it was a sunny lovely evening and we had no reason not to. And on the way home....yep, we picked up a movie! A lovely night on the couch with no interruptions.

Saturday was more work outside, a quick tidy inside and then I took off for a massage, and then a 2.5 hour hair appointment and came home to have a BBQ dinner with friends and a night of games. Today was church and then an afternoon of shopping including a fantastic lunch out...we got home at 4 and had a nap. Life is good people!

None of this would have happened if we had children. Well, I mean, some of it could have but there would have been 10,000 more steps and things to remember and I likely would have ended up feeling totally fried at the end instead of feeling like I just finished a mini-vacation.

We have to live in the now. It's all we really have. So I might as well drink in all the good there is about being DINKS. Today I am appreciating the following:
- We make our own schedule at our own whims and we can indulge in whatever we choose, whenever we choose it.
- We generally live in peace and quiet.
- We do not have to consider anyone but ourselves when we make plans or change plans or choose to go without a plan.
- When we get down to work on a project we make serious headway! And the results are incredibly rewarding. (Pictures soon)
- I do not have to have a fridge full of food and it is never a disaster when we run out of something. I can eat wherever, whenever, whatever I choose.
- It only takes a concerted 20 minutes of effort to clean up the house to casual friends standards.
- As far as logistics go, life does not get much easier.

Today I am very grateful!

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