Sunday, July 11, 2010

Real summer

Summer arrived in earnest this week and I loved it. Normally when the heat climbs into the high 20s I don't like it. But this past week has been exactly what I needed. It feels like something has thawed inside me.

My mood has also been fantastic all week. Now this may be equally due to the point in my cycle. However, I give a lot of credit to the bright sun and the heat.

Right now I'm not thinking too much about the surgery, 2, I'm not spending time thinking or worrying over it. However it does sit in the back of my mind and I still hold out a faint hope that this month will be the month and I'll get a reprieve. Unlikely as that is, God can always work miracles. :)

Anyway prior to the surgery I want to enjoy summer as much as possible. With that in mind, yesterday I bought a bike! A real bike, not the $89 specials at Canadian Tire. And today we went on our first ride around town. I loved it. Next weekend we'll ride out to Thetis lake to laze around or go for a walk, depending on the heat.

We'll likely be sticking close to home though because we signed up for lawn slavery on Friday. The husband layed sod! YAY! and now we're watering our butts off in an attempt to keep it alive.
I'm posting the pictures separately because I couldn't make them appear below the text. :(

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