Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A break

It's time for a vacation and it starts tomorrow. I'm relieved and grateful and feeling much, much better than I was last week. The saving grace of the horrible cycle is that there is a reprieve (almost) every month.

The vacation will include camping and hiking, beaches and sand, forests and mountain lakes, horseback and dunebuggy riding, wine and driving, driving, driving. Just us two. It will be good.

And after the vacation, I will be picking life back up but trying to instill a little more fun in it.

This reproductive stuff has been work. I've been working at my job 8 hours a day and then spending a great deal of my home time working on learning and growing and dealing and suffering and struggling and hoping and planning and trying, trying, trying for a baby. It's time to bring some more balance into things. It's time to paint and take fun exercise classes and try things I haven't tried before.....maybe a cooking class, or a how-to-play-by-ear piano lesson.

It's time to fill up my life instead of making room for something that isn't coming ....yet. I've made so much room in my life for a child that I feel hollow with missing it.

So, here is to the pursuit of a full, rich, interesting, vibrant life!

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