Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Investigation ...complete!

Sunday prior to surgery:

I'm a day and a half away from my surgery. I'm feeling pretty accepting at this point but I spent much of the past week and a half feeling pretty anxious and negative about everything.

My biggest fear is that they'll find something they don't expect and it'll be bad news. Bad news at a time when I'm not really 'with it,' all hopped up on painkillers and groggy from the anesthetic. However, realistically I'm going to have questions written down and the hubby beside me so I should have all the information and the support I need.

1 week post-surgery:

I don't know why but I wasn't able to write anything prior to today except for those two short paragraphs above that I couldn't publish. I felt a huge resistance, even to write in my own journal. Maybe it was all the unknowns.

Now I know.

I'm perfect.

.... on the inside. :P Those actually were the doctors words, "everything looks perfect." I was sent home with instructions to get pregnant prior to our followup in September when we'll start discussions about eggs. Thanks doc, we'll see what we can do.

I'm grateful to know that I'm healthy. I'm grateful to have faced all the ugly fears around surgery and to have come out OK on the other side. I'm grateful for my husband who thanked me for 'taking one for the team.' I'm grateful that, aside from the first day of the surgery, which was pretty miserable, the recovery has been quick and without any major pain. OK, the first 2 days weren't great, very bloated/stretched, very sore throat from being intubated, afraid of the pain. But by the 4th day I made a huge turn around and felt much more myself....and my waist slowly came back, thank goodness.

So, now we enjoy summer and let the poor, abused belly-button heal....that's the price you pay for no scars with laparoscopic surgery. Lots of sun and relaxation, maybe a little vacation down the Oregon coast.

Here's to a classic DINK summer! May it be our last.

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  1. I hope it is your last Dinky summer too! Besides, your house is getting too nice. You are about due to have some rug rats tear it apart ;) You place DOES look great, by the way. Good job!