Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really negative

Home PG test on Friday was negative. Overall, it's a good night to have a total meltdown... doesn't matter how swollen your eyes are the next day. The Monday blood test was negative too, got the results today. After all the crying and gnashing of teeth on the weekend and Monday, today I just feel low.

It's a harsh reality that this process just gets more painful instead of less. Luckily the plan calls for me to be on the pill this next month to give my ovaries a total rest for a month. That means I get a break for a month, my first in 2 years.....no reason to hope, no reason to be disappointed. Bring on the wine and cheesecake.


  1. Sorry about your latest let down. Thoughts are with you and prayers for baby in your belly too. It's more than ok to be down and let it all out at times - release the negative energy to make room for all that positive stuff you have in abundance.

  2. Thanks Cindy! It's true that if you bottle up all the bad feelings, you bottle up the good too. If I just let the feelings come and then go too, life is a little easier. I found I dealt with grief in a similar way.