Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Am Woman, I Can Change

Usually when a friend or loved one recommends and lends me a book about food or lifestyle or health, the exact same sequence begins.

There is an initial interest and a quick peruse through the book, then a promise to myself to review in depth later. There is great thought and excitement around the possibility of change; I'm eager and energized.

Then I sit down to read and as I read I'm sold on the ideas pesented. But then I keep reading and quickly end up overwhlemed, frustrated, dejected and sure there is no way I can possibly implement the kind of change required to really improve my health and change my eating habits.

Then I put the book aside for later when I'm not overwhelmed....and it never gets picked up again.

That is usually the way of things....until now. Until Now, Folks!! On Monday I read an anti-inflammatory diet and recipe book and then I followed through!

To give credit where it is due, part of the reason this worked this time is:
1. the beginning of the book was short and to the point, after 60 pages I was in to recipes! So just when I was totally overwhelmed, I had tasty food to imagine.
2. the recipes were not wierd, they were short and relatively simple
3. I started reading early in the day....a day when I had no other plans. I was not about to go to bed. I was looking forward to lunch and very conscious of what I was going to put into my body.

So the first thing I did was pick some recipies that I thought I could manage and I prepared a grocery list....it was very, very long. The grocery list was made up from 6 recipies I intend to try over the next week including dinners, breakfasts and snack foods. Then I hit the grocery store....not just any store. The Planet Organic! $260 later I came home.

And now that I have dedicated an entire day of my life and have invested $260 in ingredients and food stuffs, I need to use it! So far, I've made organic, wheat-free banana muffins, and zucchini bread. I've also eaten seeds for breakfast....yeah seeds with rice beverage and half a banana.

I am IN folks! I am resolved! I am going to be the most anti-inflammatory person in the wor...in the cit....in the neighbourhood! I am sure of it! :) And I'm kicking winter's ass along the way.

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