Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I think I mentioned this in December; the beautiful thing about private health care is how quickly things can move.

We decided in December that we weren't going to do any more IUI cycles. With only a 15% success rate it was just too much $$ and heartache and didn't give us any answers. We decided to move to IVF, a 50% success rate. I had an orientation session booked within 3 week and the clinic was ready to start meds with my next cycle.

However, no matter how fast things can happen on the outside, everything has to revolve around what my body is doing on the inside.

My cycle started about two weeks ago but my two subsequent ultrasounds showed that I already have large-ish follicles.... too large for the egg to be viable by the time it's released. The Dr doesn't want to stimulate the ovaries to develop 'old' eggs. My other ovary has a corpus luteum....a hemorrhaging one, apparently they don't know why those sometimes occur. But they do want it to go away. I think it's still around though....I still feel it.

Regardless, The Dr put me on birth control to see how I respond. Since I've done 'well' on it before (we've seen my ovaries quiet down and go about producing follicles in a more orderly and placid manner) we expect the same now. This has meant a 2 week delay on the start of the IVF process/meds. But I'm ok with that. It has allowed me 2 more weeks to get through a crunch period at work. And also allowed me to get more settled in my new food lifestyle. I'm a cooking machine! :)

However, I am looking forward to the cycle starting and as long as Monday's ultrasound shows my ovaries are cooperating, we'll start meds on Tuesday.

I'm feeling quite calm about all this, excited too but in a subdued way. I'm happy to be working with a plan of action. I'm also hoping we'll get some answers from this. If my eggs are no good and I'm truly in premature ovarian failure, then we'll have information that could help us move on to our next step. Right now I think the next step would be adoption.

However, I'm hopeful that we'll get a handful of good embryos from this process and we'll be able to build our family....perhaps not the way we'd most like to but a family none-the-less.

Prayer's are appreciated. I'll keep the blog updated as thing progress.


  1. You are always in my thoughts! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and thumbs pressed (Austrian version.)

  2. Thank you Hillary! We'll take all the positive energy available, in fingers, prayers and thumbs apparently. :)