Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No Plan Planning

Sometimes it's a tiny bit difficult to be at work talking about the next project phase, deadlines, and clients who want me to lead the next project when part of me is thinking, "I may not be here to do any of this."

I've had some experience with this over the last 2.5 years in thinking, "I may not be here in a year because I might have a baby." But this is more like, "I may not be here in 6 weeks because I might be in India looking at homes!"

The husband believes his company is going to want to move through this negotiation process pretty quickly. (We've been told an offer is coming.) He's going to be going back to India in early March for a week for work. It would make sense for me to join him to look at places ...if we're at that stage.

Originally I wasn't thinking we'd be leaving until June or July. I still want that but suddenly the reality is seeming much closer and more 'real.'

So yesterday when I was having a tiny little panic of "oh my goodness this could actually happen!?!" Andrew mentioned the new travel policy: Any flights over 10 hours means you fly business class.

HA! Somehow that little piece of news made a trip to India in March seem so much more appealing and I calmed right down.

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