Friday, February 11, 2011

4 for 6

Of our six fertilized eggs, four developed into embryos! Four potential lives, four little ones to love.

The clinic looks for quality at this stage even though the little embryos are only between 2 and 4 cells. They grade the quality between 0 and 20. A grade of 20 is excellent and is rare as the clinic is quite picky about their standards. 18 -19 is high quality and 15 - 17 is average quality.

Given that we have concerns about the quality of my eggs these grades mean quite a lot to me. So you can imagine my huge relief and excitement when I heard we have one 4 cell embryo that is a 20! One 4 cell that is a 19! A 2 cell and a 3 cell that are both 18!

I feel quite overwhelmed with gratitude and I just keep praying that God has His hand in this process. Tomorrow morning is the transfer.

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