Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Brand New Normal

I'm surrounded by all these people just going about their normal lives.

Something miraculous has happened and all these people don't know! And I can't tell them! They're just living their regular lives like nothing has changed. For that matter, I'm kind of just living my regular life as if nothing has changed: recycling, clean the bathroom, do laundry, make lunch.

But it has changed! It's all changed. Something fundamental has shifted....okay perhaps not for the world at large, but for me. It is small but it's dramatic. I'm walking around with this thrilled energy inside of me that makes my skin tingle and my heart leap whenever I think about it. It makes me want to randomly tell anyone around me, "I'm pregnant!"

My sister screamed when I called her with the news. I haven't screamed yet. It might be screaming time.

Whoo that felt good. :)

Today's blood test showed the HCG number more than doubled to 733. Can't stop smiling.


  1. Oh, I totally remember that feeling! It is so wonderful and you have expressed it so well.

  2. SOOOOO happy for you guys! Can't stop coming to read your blog and all our thoughts are with you, it's such a wonderful experience and Stacey if you're anything like me you'll be crying watching silly commercial on TV or because there is no cookie left or other silly things like that: don't worry that's not your fault it's the hormones ;) CONGRATS!!! Suzie