Sunday, February 6, 2011

Circle of Influence

I'm really glad I handed all this fertility and where-to-live-our-lives business over to God. Because if I were still trying to keep a handle on it, I'd be a mess right now. Instead I'm taking it in stride and only focussing on my small circle of influence.

Ultrasound this morning still showed 7 good sized follicles. However, yesterday's bloodwork showed an increase in my estrogen. (The Dr reduced one of my meds in response.) Today's bloodwork showed it is still high and the ultrasound showed a build up of fluid in my abdomen. This is the beginnings of OHSS, which usually happens (if it's going to happen) after retrieval. OHSS is potentially dangerous but with careful supervision it is unlikely it will develop into something serious. More info is here if you really want it.

It's actually dangerous to 'trigger' the eggs to release (they release from the side of the follicle to the middle) when the estrogen levels are this high. So, I'm off of all medications for tonight and I get another blood test tomorrow and I need to restrict my fluid intake to only a single litre of gatorade for the day.

I don't know what happens if the estrogen levels don't come down. It's wait and see and leave it up to God and the medical professionals. I will not worry about this.

Another piece of information from this morning's apt: if this cycle does result in a pregnancy, I can't go to India in March. The first few weeks after IVF are pretty tenuous and the Dr wouldn't want me to be away from good medical attention if required.

So there you have it. I don't know if, or when, we'll be able to complete this IVF cycle. I don't know if my eggs are good or not. I don't know if I'm going to India in March or long term.

All I know is that today I drink tiny sips of gatorade instead of my usual gallons of water, I eat protein, I don't take any meds and I hope my estrogen levels fall back to normal. I'm going to have a lovely nap and later I'll have a nice hot bath. Everything else will happen as it is meant to.

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