Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good News on Day 1

The clinic called today. Six of the seven eggs fertilized naturally overnight! This is fantastic news. They like each other! They really, really like each other!!

The clinic puts them away overnight in an incubator and will look at them again tomorrow to see if they've developed into embryos. So, we'll know more about quality tomorrow. Fingers remain crossed. Lots of prayers appreciated.

I'm doing much better today as far as tummy discomfort. The worst part of this is that I've developed a nasty head cold - sneezing and coughing is very difficult/painful with a sore tummy. I think being under the influence of the drugs yesterday totally shut down my immune system and the cold I've been fighting off for a few weeks took over.

I'm such a total lightweight when it comes to drugs. I only have a few memories of the retrieval yesterday. I asked Andrew to walk me through it last night, tell me all about what happened. It's really like I wasn't there. I felt nothing.... or at least I don't remember feeling anything. All I remember is the embryologist saying something positive... the screen when the doctor once pointed out the needle going into a follicle...and then getting up and wobbling back to 'our' room to recuperate. And there I remained from about 9:10 until noon as I was so totally incapacitated I couldn't get up to leave without feeling ill. People checked in on me far too often for my liking. I slipped off to sleep within seconds of someone leaving me alone. Andrew actually left to get a snack at a cafe and came back later for me.

According to Andrew, though, I was conscious and responding (slow but responsive) to questions throughout the procedure. There were a number of times the group had a good laugh or two. Everything went very quickly and smoothly. Andrew held my hand .... I have no memories of any of this.

So I'm working from home today and tomorrow (a bit) but also resting and recupperating for the transfer on Saturday. I hope to take care of this headcold asap.

Praying for embryos.

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