Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have Ovaries, Will Travel

Just when I think things are quiet and nothing is going to happen for a while, things happen.

Tonight Andrew told me his company has given the OK for me to go to India for a sooner rather than later!

Now, I thought my trip to India would be in the last stages of negotiations, after we'd had weeks or even months to mull over an offer. I thought the trip would be for me to look at houses and give the final OK on ....I dunno....stuff.

Instead, it seems like they're happy to have me go anytime just to see if I could imagine living there. I guess it would make sense to visit before we go through the hoops of negotiations, because hey, if I wind up saying, "Whoa, no way can I do this!", then what's the point in going through negotiations?

So, that's it folks, I'm going to India the second week of March. Amazing! And if I'm ill with morning sickness by then, then I'll count my blessings as I hurl across the sky. ;P

Equally amazing is the ultrasound I had yesterday. My ovaries are doing well. After 9 days of meds I have 7 follicles. Now I understand they generally hope for more like 10 - 16 follicles. But 7 is not bad. Hey, 7 is my lucky number! And in the end all we need is one.

Next ultrasound is on Saturday. I'll post after that. :)

Crazy exciting times!


  1. Crazy! I can't believe that this really might be happening.
    I'm excited for you...and also a bit thrown as my dreams of coming home to B.C. definitely include weekly walks/talks/teas with you. So in the "all about me" department, I have to think about this. In the "all about you" department, I'm just so excited that you have this opportunity to explore. Whether it goes ahead or not, it sure provides some interesting times...and blog fodder!

  2. Very good blog fodder indeed. :)
    And I agree Hillary a huge drawback of this opportunity would be leaving my friends and the fabulous support system I have here at home. I love the idea of you being here again for walks and talks and tea.

    But I wouldn't be gone forever. It would be 2 years and if I think of it like that, think of returning here to my great life and great friends, then it seems very do-able.