Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Longest Wait

This is so hard. I'm pretty convinced my period is starting and yet I'm trying to force myself to still hope.

This feels exactly like every other month, the spotting starts like clockwork, the cramping starts to ramp up. But until Thursday I need to assume that I'm pregnant, eat well, take all my meds, drink the disgusting Gatorade, keep getting my shots even though my gluts are now screaming.

I waffle throughout the day between looking at all the possible good signs and looking at all the possible negative signs. And there is no way to know, you know, but I'm pretty sure I know....and it sucks.

In other news, my India travel visa will likely arrive this week or early next. There is a possibility of me going the second week of March and another possibility at the end of April but I'm not planning for anything....India kind of seems like a booby prize.


  1. Lots of breath, and do all you can to surrender. my heart goes out to you!

  2. I am thinking about you today a lot. Hang in there friend.