Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well, that was remarkably easy after such a long wait and preparation period!

The transfer went very smoothly, no pain, very simple. And now we settle in for the long wait and continue with my many medications.

I'll spend today and tomorrow on the couch watching movies and reading. And then it's back to work ...although I'm still to spend nights on the couch relaxing.

We'll know in 12 days if the little ones made it.

Given that we only had four (all four remained very high quality to today) the doctor recommended transferring 2 embryos and we even got to see a picture of them (from a picture they can take through a microscope I supposed.) I got quite teary during the process. It means so much to me and I'm so hopeful and grateful for living in a time where this kind of assistance is possible.

The doctor did verify that what he's seen through this process supports his belief that I have low ovarian reserve. However, given the quality of the embryos, he's very optimistic of our chances of conceiving, if not now through IVF, then at some point. This makes me very hopeful.

And so we keep on praying.... and relaxing. :)

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