Monday, February 7, 2011

Trigger Point

My blood test this morning looked good! YAY!

We've been given the GO for the next medication. This means that Wednesday morning is the retrieval and, if all looks good, either Saturday or Monday will be the transfer. I am so excited!

I also found out this morning that I'll have to stay on Gatorade until we do the pregnancy test. That's about 3 weeks away. Going from drinking multiple litres of water a day to drinking 1 single litre of Gatorade is difficult.

Yesterday I wondered if I would go crazy with thirst and I experienced quite a bit of 'irritability,' which my husband can attest to. However, today was significantly easier and I anticipate it won't be an issue after another day or two.

Prayers requested.


  1. I think about and send you good vibes daily friend.

  2. You are always in our thoughts;) I'm sure it will all be FINE!!!

  3. Thank you! I'm very excited and a little nervous.