Monday, March 28, 2011

Sea Bands Rock

Every night I go to bed with my sea bands on and every day continues to be sooo much better than early last week. I'm not 100% and I still have to have regular snacks but it's totally under control and I'm able to live pretty normally again. We are 9 sleeps from Maui, 9 little sleeps. We can do it! This is going to be the best anniversary vacation ever! It's probably going to be our last vacation too, or at least the last one where we can be totally, utterly self-indulgent. :) Or as indulgent as I can be without drinking, or staying up late, or eating bad food, or doing anything too physically strenuous. Ok, ok, so it'll be a semi-responsible vacation. But it's still going to be stupendous! And just in case these sea bands don't keep up their magic, I now have a prescription for anti-nausea pills for emergencies. We're incredibly excited.


  1. Maui here we come!! It's going to be fantastic!!

  2. Wish I had known about the sea bands! Oh well.

    Have a fantastic time in Maui!!