Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, the blood tests verified it but now I'm starting to experience actual pregnancy symptoms! Very exciting .... if not very glamorous.

A friend of mine said this weekend that there are no pleasant pregnancy symptoms. I think this is sad. But there must be some good things because my sister said the best part of babies is before they are born! ha ha So I guess it all depends on your perspective.

Right now when I feel any painful pinches I worry about ectopic pregnancy, which is possible though not likely. Otherwise things are great so far and I feel pretty normal ... except for more sensitive breasts. And well, the gas. And um, I drool all the time. And I'd rather never experience constipation. And just yesterday and today I've started feeling ever so slightly queasy.

Luckily none of these things are significant enough to bother me. So they are still very welcome signs that this may really be happening. Very exciting!

(At some point I'm going to have to add a new category to the blog: Pregnancy! Perhaps after the ultrasound.)


  1. I was wondering about that. Thanks for the update...and stock up on crackers. Oh, and weird things. Do you remember? I had to have a green apple with orange cheddar cheese (gross) every day exactly at 10:00 a.m. for weeks. Then I went through the "white" phase: pasta, cream sauce, cream soup.

    Ah, brings back memories. :)

  2. It does sound sad! With that being said- I thoroughly enjoyed pregnancy. Then again, I never experienced being sick, I usually had energy, no back pain....