Monday, March 7, 2011

Waiting on News

It's another waiting game as I count down the days to the 6 week ultrasound. This should verify where the placenta is and how many.

I did go for another blood test, just to make sure the hcg levels were still increasing and oh boy, were they - over 7000! This is a great sign; I'm REALLY pregnant! It also may be an indication of twins.

I truly don't know what to hope for. If it's one, it will be a relief and a little sad that one didn't make it. If it's two, I'll be both thrilled and totally freaked out. Twins are a blessing and also much more than double the work. But people manage.... somehow. I understand it does require a great deal more discipline and structure.... and a lot of help from loving friends and family. And probably a willingness to throw all rules and aspirations of what motherhood 'should' be out the window.

And probably total and utter surrender. :)

Anyway, I'm filling my waiting time with work intrigue. This work issue no longer stresses me out the way it did last week. Although last week certainly didn't bring me a resolution, I did get a partial 'win' out of it. Basically my Director said that when they do the company wide salary evaluations in 2 weeks, I will (most likely) be evaluated for the work I do today - not what they hired (and pay) me for 3 years ago. See, it's an executive decision that has to be made and I have 3 out of 5 votes but he cannot guarantee the decision because there are 2 others that have not been consulted yet. Also, assuming that I do get the 'promotion' officially, the salary adjustment dates have not been set. So, although it will most likely happen this fiscal, that could be any time in the next 6 months!

So I have to ask, since when is it normal to have a promotion require full executive approval? And since when is it acceptable to say you may or may not be fairly compensated for your work within the next 6 months?

I let the Director know today that I thought this was unreasonable and I want to discuss it further. Specifically, I'd like to know if I need to seek other work outside the company in order to guarantee fair compensation for my job.

Yes, I used those words.

I think the bottom line is that I'm not going to seek work outside the company but I need them to know that this is not OK with me.


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