Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Ultrasound

It wasn't our first by a long shot. In fact it was our 4th ultrasound. But oh boy, was it special.

The last one was at 9 weeks and the little ones were small baby-shaped figures that wiggled a little bit.

But at 13 weeks, they are AMAZING! They are real babies! They have heads! Can you believe it? ha ha ha. They have little chins and lips and noses. They have tummies and arms and legs. Tiny little hands and feet! And they move! They arch their backs and roll around, bunching up and then stretching out. They wave their arms and move their legs around kicking.

They are gorgeous! I'm in love!

Hawaii Pics

Before I move on to total pregnancy narcissism, here are some Maui pics. :P
(Can't seem to format these in the post so forgive the weird spacing.)

Gorgeous flowers all over the place. So fabulous!

Fabulous blow hole on the NW coast.

At the Luau!

On our way to Molokini crater. I wore my sea bands the entire time and brought my own protein so I was sure not to get sick.

The garden at our first condo complex.

The hardest part of transitioning back to home is being stuck inside 95% of the day instead of out in the fresh air all day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Once in a lifetime...

We are home from the vacation of a lifetime. :) It was glorious and exactly what we needed.

Every single day was 29 degrees, the afternoons were generally a little cloudy with a wonderful breeze, which kept the heat reasonable. We had very few obligations and we spent the first week napping most afternoons and the last week picking a different beach each morning before setting out for the day.

The first 6 days were spent on the west coast where our friends were getting married. Our condo was within walking distance of the wedding location, which was beautiful! So we even napped in between the ceremony and the reception. Oh, the indulgence! :) We had a lot of dinners together with friends, either at a restaurant or one of our condos. It was so great to be on vacation in such a tropical location and have friends just down the road to visit with.

The first weekend we did a snorkelling trip with the whole wedding party to Molokini crater. The weather was perfect, the sailing was smooth, and the fish and the coral were beautiful. It was a wonderful adventure and worth the cost. That night we went to a Luau and that too was an expensive but awesome experience. They put on a gorgeous show, the dinner was wonderful and the drinks were free.

Those were our three big activities and they were all over by our 5th day of vacation. The rest of the trip was totally ad lib with a strong emphasis on chilling out, seeing new places, finding good beaches and talking about life and babies. :P

We spent 3 days in the mountains where Andrew did a hiking trip up the crater and I shopped and read my book. Then we spend the last week down the south coast, which was my favourite area - super fine sand and gorgeous aqua water.

We stayed in condos nearly the whole trip where we had full kitchens and could manage our own meals. So over 2.5 weeks, we only had a handful of lunches and dinners out. The best part of this was the financial benefit but also it meant I could manage my snack/protein requirements. :) This was mission critical each day! I need a significant breakfast and an equally significant snack every morning, that meant protein! My beach bag was usually as full of food as it was books, sunscreen and clothing.

Pictures to come soon...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm either pregnant or morphing into a hobbit! The eating-to-fight-nausea has now morphed into 'get me food now, yes again! More please!' I eat two breakfasts and two small snacks every morning. I eat a relatively large lunch and am in desperate need of a snack an hour to 90 minutes later. And I'm in the habit of eating two dinners if the first isn't really really substantial or at least have a significant amount of protein. My biggest concern about this vacation is the unknowns around my proximity to food. Luckily we'll have kitchens available to us at most places so the first stop we'll make upon arrival is a grocery store! How romantic! :P My body must be doing good work with all the extra calories though because this has been going on for about a week now and I've only noticed about a one pound gain. Hopefully it's using those calories to build strong little baby bodies. Must be because I now have a tummy that doesn't disappear during the day. :) Life is so exciting!! Aloha everyone!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is This Real?

Our second ultrasound was yesterday. We're at 9 weeks and the little ones are starting to look more like babies. We heard two little heartbeats and baby B was even wiggling around. I want to come up with nicknames so they aren't just baby A and baby B, which seems so impersonal. For now, here are some pictures of our two:
Despite the mounting evidence (see above) that I really am pregnant, there is still an element of the surreal to this experience. I am really looking forward to spending time on this vacation talking about how our lives are going to change, what we'd like to stay the same, how we think we'll handle the reality of two babies. Maybe more time talking about it will help it sink in more.

Although really, shopping and having physical proof of these little ones around the house would also go a long way. :) I just want to get past the first trimester and then we can go wild. Oooh so much fun to be had!