Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm either pregnant or morphing into a hobbit! The eating-to-fight-nausea has now morphed into 'get me food now, yes again! More please!' I eat two breakfasts and two small snacks every morning. I eat a relatively large lunch and am in desperate need of a snack an hour to 90 minutes later. And I'm in the habit of eating two dinners if the first isn't really really substantial or at least have a significant amount of protein. My biggest concern about this vacation is the unknowns around my proximity to food. Luckily we'll have kitchens available to us at most places so the first stop we'll make upon arrival is a grocery store! How romantic! :P My body must be doing good work with all the extra calories though because this has been going on for about a week now and I've only noticed about a one pound gain. Hopefully it's using those calories to build strong little baby bodies. Must be because I now have a tummy that doesn't disappear during the day. :) Life is so exciting!! Aloha everyone!

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  1. Yes! Cannot wait to hear about your trip - lets do Bliss as soon as you get back!