Monday, May 9, 2011

Coming Out

Boy it's fun sharing this news! I'm just now sharing it with everyone...ok everyone who isn't a close friend/blog reader/or family member..... which basically means acquaintances and work people. But really, it's so fun!!

Finally, at 14 weeks, the work scenario got straightened out enough that I could start telling people. As far as pregnancies go, this is exactly the right time to share the news: just past the first trimester. However, what had me on the hook was I was waiting for work to finalize my job title and salary range and really didn't want them knowing I was pregnant when they made those decisions.

So I've been desperately trying to hide my ever growing tummy and the fact that very few clothes fit me. I'm 14 weeks but I measure (and look) 18 weeks....that's showing! In fact when I talked to my manager and said I was relieved that I could share this news because it was getting hard to hide, he admitted that earlier this week he thought to himself, "something's starting to show there." Of course, he just thought it was over indulgence post-vacation ... which is kind of funny and kind of ... not-flattering.

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy this next week when I share the news with my project teams.

What I still find weird is the idea of putting the news on facebook. Somehow that social medium just feels too exposed. I mean yes, I mostly know those people but some are really just vague acquaintences, not nearly what I'd call friends. I guess it might be time to de-friend those folks if I'm not comfortable. What an odd task to put on the to-do list.


  1. I tried to post yesterday, but blogger was down! What happened to your blog about shopping? I thought it was so hilarious that you bought a four-piece toast toaster:) Nice to read your writing. I'm so happy for your two!

  2. I meant to write "you" two, but "your" two also works since you're having twins:)

  3. Ha, so funny tha blogger seemed to lose the shopping post. I got it back up there.
    Thanks for the good wishes. We're incredibly happy!