Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Feelings

One morning this week I woke up, rolled on to my back and had a good stretch. As I finished part of my tummy kept stretching.
I put my hand on the spot just below my belly button and it was hard and round, about the size of half an apple. I tested the other side of my tummy and lower with my hand and it was soft. I move my hand back to the hard spot and held it there. Slowly it 'moved' away, disappeared and the spot was soft again. I was amazed and a little shocked.
That was a baby folks! A very small little baby, just about the size of an orange and she/he is swimming around more and more. She pops up to say hello at least once a day and sometimes quite frequently. It's actually quite distracting....makes it hard to fall sleep or want to sleep. I think I felt the lower baby once or twice too but not nearly as 'clearly.' Perhaps having his sibling on top of him might make him a little more subdued.
This process is miraculous. How anyone can believe that life starts when a baby is born has never been pregnant. I thank God for this opportunity daily.


  1. It interests me that you are referring to a baby as a she! Mothers intuition?????

  2. I'm convinced that the top one (B) is a girl and the bottom one (A) is a boy. The only reason is that in the ultrasound they have very different jaw lines, one looks like Andrew and one looks like me - even has an underbite. Plus B was super energetic (like me) and A was much more layed back (like Andrew). I can't wait to know for sure.