Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foods I Crave

I've started experiencing true cravings.

It's more than the desperate 'need FOOOOD NOW' of the first trimester when I didn't much care what it was as long as it stopped the horrible sickness that swept over me. I'm happy to report that I left that behind after week 14. I no longer need food in order to not feel nauseous and I no longer wear my sea bands at night.

Now I just need a lot of food because I'm hungry and I according to my multiples book I need to work on gaining weight this trimester, really work at it. And I have some favourites that are becoming addictions....I fantasize about them before I fall asleep at night:

Californian Bagel - Whole grain bagel, sun dried tomato cream cheese, a few spinach leaves, lots of artichokes, a few sun dried tomatoes, covered with Swiss cheese and melted. YUUUUMY!

Cheese - Grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese and crackers. Cheese and granola bars. Cheese and more cheese. :)

Cucumber - not on anything just a big hunk of cucumber to munch on. Thank goodness summer is on it's way and there are good long english in the stores. I also crave salads every so often, which balance out the diet nicely but don't necessarily help me gain weight.

Salty - I've always been more keen on sweet than salty but just this past week, I've really started wanting saltier things. I usually lean on crackers - fishy crackers to be precise.

Here's to gaining 9 lbs in 3 weeks to meet my goal. I'm skeptical but I'm willing to try. Bring on the frozen yogurt!

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