Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Great 2011 Debit

It begins! The great outpouring of cash and collection of family/baby related gear.

Our first ever purchase for our new 4 person family: a 4 slice toaster!

I kid you not, I really did buy a 4 slice toaster this week. :)

OK, I also attended a massive kids sale and connected with another twin parent and purchased quite a number of useful of baby related goods.

Hello breastpump, you look scary, please don't hurt me. Bottle warmer, you should come in very handy in the middle of the night when boiling water is way beyond our skill set. Swing, the saving grace of all parents. Bumbo chairs, you sound weird but are apparently wonderful before babies can sit on their own. Snugglies, I hope we'll enjoy many walks together. Diaper Geanie, Welcome!

Along with the gear, I also bought a number of receiving blankets, cloth diapers and some baby clothes as gender neutral as I could find in this crazy world of pink = girl, blue = boy. I also bought a number of blue items because I have enough hand me down girl stuff and I'm convinced at least one of the twins is a boy.

What a fun day!!

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  1. Oh my goodness - this sounds so fun! I almost want to join you ...ha ha ha. Maybe I will be "in time" for your hand-me-downs. And then will end up with Christian's and Jess stuff...ha ha ha...too funny. I am so happy for you friend.

    See ya soon!