Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Rollercoaster of Firsts

We had our first scare this weekend. Suddenly I was bleeding. Although it started and stopped very quickly, it was really scary. A call to our clinic gave me the number for the hospital emergency to talk to the OB on call. He recommended coming in for an ultrasound.

That was most of our Sunday. We waited for about two hours to get the ultrasound. I became really nervous during it, barely breathing, wanting everything to be okay.

And it was...two heartbeats, two babies moving around. No signs of bleeding or placenta problems, cervix looked fine. The tech could tell the sexes but wouldn't tell us...although I thought he slipped up once and said little girl and then corrected to say baby A. But he could have said something about being "curled" up which she was. I'm still convinced it's a boy and a girl.

Regardless, after we knew the babies were fine, I felt 1000 times better. But we still had to wait around to see the OB who was in surgery and then he had to wait to get the official results from the ultrasound.

So by the time we saw the OB at 2:30/3:00 we were ready to just go home. He gave us the OK to do that with instructions to take it really easy this week, meaning if I could take the week off work, I should. I wasn't going to argue given how stressful work has been lately. So I'm working from home part time this week and I was rewarded last night with some serious baby action.

Lying in bed around 10pm last night, baby A got really active, pushing herself way up and causing a real bump on one side of my tummy. I put my hand over the spot as I always do and for the first time got a little thump in reply. I quickly grabbed Andrew's hand saying, "you have to feel this." He got a thump right away too, which was totally wild! I got about 3 more very distinct thumps before she moved away. What an amazing feeling!

I was so excited I didn't know how I was going to sleep but I did....really well in fact. Surprising how tiring it can be lying on the couch most of the day growing 2 babies. Today I'm feeling little thumps and twinges on the inside that I think are coming from baby B.

And so it goes, the scares and thrills of almost 4 months pregnant. Quite a ride.

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  1. OMG no way - holy smokes Stacey...I am so glad everything is ok. Listen friend, my advice to you is that if work is stressful - don't go! Seriously, take stress leave until your medical leave kicks in. Do not put yourself in stress mode right now. I am glad you are finding such awe and joy in your life at the moment, I just wish you were not stressed at work, leave that for those of us who are not pregnant with twins!