Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's a Baby Belly

Body image is such an individual struggle. I've always struggled to like or appreciate some parts of my body and there are others that I've always been proud of and appreciated.

I find being pregnant, having my body go through this incredible change, for it to finally be doing what I so hoped for, is nothing short of miraculous. Every morning I wake up and check to see if my belly is still there, if this is real.

And it is. And I love to see the evidence of this miracle in my body. I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable in my own skin, so happy with my curves, so comfortable with my physicality.

Just prior to getting pregnant I was on a serious health kick, and had cut out all inflammatory foods. One result was that I unintentionally ended up losing about 8 lbs, which brought me down to about 108lbs, which on a 5'2" frame is thin but still healthy. The pregnancy books state that it is just slightly underweight.

However, it means that I had some serious gaining to do for twins. Again, according to my twins pregnancy book, I should gain 45 - 55 lbs. The more of that I can gain in the first two trimesters, the better for the babies.

This is me at 20 weeks and about 21lbs weight gain:

16 weeks and about 14 lbs weight gain:

12 weeks and 10 lbs of weight gain:

Starting point at 6 weeks and 108lbs: (had to crop the top as I was in my bra...not really internet appropriate)

I've always loved my tiny waist but seeing it disappear has been pure joy, every day. Maybe I'll never have those washboard abs and size two jeans again but I hope I'll always appreciate what my body is capable of...nurturing two little lives. And they are worth everything, anything.

Every week that I'm pregnant and every pound that I gain is one step closer to them being here safe and sound, strong and healthy.

Grow babies! Grow body!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 Weeks and Alls Well

We just had our apt with the OB and the results from last week's ultrasound shows that all is well! YAY!

I'm still on 'zero exertion'/bedrest until the next ultrasound at the end of the month but it's a relief to know both babies are growing on schedule and my cervix is still looking great.

I'm surprised at how the last two weeks have gone by so quickly. I don't think I've done much except wrap up my work at the office and sit at home and read. It's not exactly interesting but time does pass and I do have a 'to do' list that I can work on from the couch.

My list would dramatically increase if I could just get myself a laptop but I'm not really willing to spend real money on anything that I'll just need for 2 months.

So there you have it.... that's my news.

Oh, one more small thing....we found out what we're having. No more wondering if it's going to be boys, girls or one of each.

It's so nice to know.

Oh, what? You might want to know? Really? Well, I'm sure you can wait till we see each other....or you could give me a call at home.

I'm such a tease! I know.

But really, call and I'll give you the goods. (I could use the human interaction. Days on the couch do get a little lonely.) And if I don't know you or you don't know me personally, I promise to post the deets soon....ish. :P

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zero Exertion

When I imagined being pregnant, I imagined going for lots of walks, increasing in frequency as they decreased in length. I imagined doing yoga and meditating and being as fit and strong as I could possibly be.
So I'm surprised to have found myself sometimes hesitant to walk enough to work up a sweat and worried about every little cramp and stab of pain. And doing what I can to avoid any pain. Apparently most of the pain I've experienced so far has just been ligament pain and of no real concern. I happily accepted that explanation.
However, last Sunday I suddenly started bleeding and thus followed an ultrasound at the hospital and instructions from the Dr to be off work. My clinic followed up with me a few days later when they got the hospital report. They asked me to come in for them to check me out too. I expected them to be happy and give me the clear to go back to work and take it easy.
Instead, the Dr said he wants me off work for the next two weeks as my uterus was cramping when he palpitated it. He specified that I didn't have to be lying down but he wanted 'zero exertion, no stress, not even a casual walk.'
I had noticed my belly being more tense that week but didn't know if that was a bad thing or not. So I worked from home that day and the next and noted just how much cramping there was.
So Saturday, I did nothing. I sat on outside in the sun, I sat on the couch, I lay on the couch, I napped, I read a book. That was it! And what do you know.....only one cramp all day!
Lesson learned.
This week I plan to spend a few hours online for work, go in for a few transition meetings and otherwise be officially off.
Goal is zero exertion. So much for lots of walks and being super strong. I'll happily settle for two healthy babies that stay in for a good long time yet.