Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zero Exertion

When I imagined being pregnant, I imagined going for lots of walks, increasing in frequency as they decreased in length. I imagined doing yoga and meditating and being as fit and strong as I could possibly be.
So I'm surprised to have found myself sometimes hesitant to walk enough to work up a sweat and worried about every little cramp and stab of pain. And doing what I can to avoid any pain. Apparently most of the pain I've experienced so far has just been ligament pain and of no real concern. I happily accepted that explanation.
However, last Sunday I suddenly started bleeding and thus followed an ultrasound at the hospital and instructions from the Dr to be off work. My clinic followed up with me a few days later when they got the hospital report. They asked me to come in for them to check me out too. I expected them to be happy and give me the clear to go back to work and take it easy.
Instead, the Dr said he wants me off work for the next two weeks as my uterus was cramping when he palpitated it. He specified that I didn't have to be lying down but he wanted 'zero exertion, no stress, not even a casual walk.'
I had noticed my belly being more tense that week but didn't know if that was a bad thing or not. So I worked from home that day and the next and noted just how much cramping there was.
So Saturday, I did nothing. I sat on outside in the sun, I sat on the couch, I lay on the couch, I napped, I read a book. That was it! And what do you know.....only one cramp all day!
Lesson learned.
This week I plan to spend a few hours online for work, go in for a few transition meetings and otherwise be officially off.
Goal is zero exertion. So much for lots of walks and being super strong. I'll happily settle for two healthy babies that stay in for a good long time yet.

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