Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breathing easier

If I hadn't heard from the hospital by noon, I was going to take matters into my own hands. I was going to call our fertility clinic and ask for a favour - to get the ultrasound done there.

See we've officially graduated and are no longer patients of the clinic or the doctor there. However, this doctor is wonderful and he actually kept us longer than necessary just to feel more comfortable with how the pregnancy was progressing. He admits he has a hard time letting go of patients, especially when it's a high risk/twin scenario. I know that he has all the necessary technology to check up on the babies and my cervix. And I know he'd be very interested/ concerned if anything were going wrong. I was prepared to ask for the favour.

However, 9:30 Thursday morning, the hospital called with an apt time - Friday at noon. I stayed lying down all day Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I felt a little nervous. I'd prayed all I could pray and there was nothing to do but give this to God.

The tech couldn't get a good view of the cervix. She poked and pushed and tried different angles but my uterus and baby A were just too far down. (Interestingly, the babies are now transverse lying sideways instead of A on the right and B on the left.) So we had to go to an internal ultrasound instead.

I held my breath and waited, gave the tech lots of time to look and do her measurements. Finally I asked how long it was. She said 3 or 3.2. After I heard 3 relief flooded through me and I didn't hear or remember the exact number. Andrew and I held hands and I fought back tears.

3cm is still shorter than it was (3.8 two weeks ago) and there are other changes which the doctor was concerned about. However, the fact that it isn't 2cm or less is great news! If it had gone from 3.8 to 2 in two weeks and continued at that rate, then it would be gone by the time I reached 26 weeks and there wouldn't be anything holding these babies in.

So now I wait to hear from the doctor to see what she recommends. Regardless, I plan to stay lying down or in a reclined position during the day until I reach 26 weeks. I'll take any pre-emptive measure that I think may help until they are big enough to survive.

Today I am breathing huge sighs of relief and feeling incredibly blessed. Today is a good day.

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