Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Honeymoon Stage

I'm now 23 weeks, 5 full months and smack in the middle of what they call the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy. Babies are both 1lb and growing well.

I can understand why they call it the honeymoon phase. There are days where I'm in awe of my body and absolutely love feeling the babies move all day. I'm still quite mobile and can eat all I want and I have pretty good energy....even though I'm not allowed to exert it physically. Those are great things.

However, I also still have days filled with unusual pains and a lot of worry. Days where I'm wishing away this time until I reach week 26. (If I can just get to week 26, they'll have a chance at surviving.) I already have nights where I can't sleep due to restless legs or hip/back pain and can only lie on my side as now the babies are too heavy to lie on my back. Those days and nights are not good times.

My long weekend was awesome I was feeling great and feeling more confident that all was well. Then yesterday was a bad day, a stressful painful day. Andrew came home and could tell pretty quickly that I was not in a good place.

He suggested a pickle. :) I blew him off. A pickle was not going to make the pains go away or make the worry stop.

I grumpily suggested we make dinner - left overs and a caesar salad. I started washing lettuce, he started making gravy. As I stood at the sink with my hands in the cold water we talked, me mildly upset. I don't recall exactly what I was saying.

Suddenly he was beside me, with a pickle on a fork for me to bite into. I smirked and took a bite, then another as he held the fork patiently waiting for me to finish. And suddenly... things actually were a little better.....I felt better, lighter. And I told him so.

Thank God for sympathetic husbands.....and pickles.

This picture was taken a week ago at 22 week and I'm already noticeably larger.


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  1. Please Stacey, just do nothing and relax and read and think GOOD POSITIVE THOUGHTS. You and your babies need no stress, no worries, just laughter and love. Seriously friend, I want you totally chilling out! I think of you and "them" everyday and send you lots of good vibes.