Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Un-honeymoon ... aka trying not to freak out

All was going so well. The 22 week ultrasound showed everything looked good. I was feeling confident enough to be planning a little trip up island - just an hour's drive to spend a few days at my parents with my nieces. I was eagerly looking forward to the 26 week mark, confident we'd get there and breathe a sigh of relief that 30 weeks was going to be no problem.

Then, yesterday, I had my 24 week apt and my doctor found my cervix had changed. Two weeks earlier the ultrasound showed it was still at a solid 3.8 cm, which is fantastic. Yesterday the doctor guessed it to be more like 2cm and it had shifted position and wasn't as firm as it previously was.

This is not good news. This is scary. It doesn't help that I know someone who found a similar issue at 24 weeks, and ended up delivering at 26 weeks. I know the scary side of what can happen.

The next step is to get an ultrasound as soon as possible to determine the exact length of the cervix. Hopefully that will happen this week. In the meantime, the doctor said to stay still, no activity, stay on the couch.

I'm taking this advice one step further and lying down rather than sitting and severely restricting my up time (walking,standing) to the bare minimum. Needless to say, I'll do anything that might help these two little ones.

Prayer's appreciated.

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  1. Will definitely have you in my thoughts, Stacey. Have faith in your body.