Friday, August 12, 2011

28 weeks!

We made it to 28 weeks! Babies continue to grow and so does the belly! I'm now at 30lbs weight gain with probably another 8 weeks and 8 lbs to 16lbs to go. Belly dropped even lower this week.

Today's doctor apt went well. Although the ultrasound in 10 days will tell us a lot more about the growth of the babies, this appointment confirmed that all seems to be progressing normally.

It's funny that regardless of what I eat, how much I eat, how much I nap or not nap, my body maintains a regimented pace with this pregnancy. I consistently gain 1lb per week and grow 1 cm per week. Nothing I do seems to change that. I find that fact kind of comforting .... something infinitely bigger and more powerful than me is in control of this process.

I also seem to have no control over how my belly feels. Every week or so I go through a day or two of real discomfort where something just feels wrong. And then that goes away and I'm walking and shifting position comfortably and confidently again, without worrying about how much it might hurt. I just have to go with the flow and not try to control this.

The past two weeks have brought heartburn back into my daily life; some days it's almost non-existent and other days it's terrible. Also, hip pain keeps me turning over and over all night long like a rotisserie chicken. I tried to address some of that with massage and managed to aggravate a very angry trigger point, which has me feeling like I have a massive bruise across my left side and lower belly. Went to a professional last night to sort that out and it's feeling a bit better today.

However, this week also brings my baby shower and a whole lot of preparation to get the house 'company ready.' Not to worry I have an army of others doing the work, I'm mostly just delegating. More on that soon.


  1. You look fantastic Stacy! Have a GREAT baby shower tomorrow!

  2. Yeah! 28 weeks!! You look so beautiful and happy. Enjoy the shower.