Friday, August 26, 2011

30 weeks

30 Weeks and 35lbs weight gain. Belly continues to grow 1cm/week.
Aaand today is soo much better than yesterday. Amazing what some sleep and the absence pain can do for me.
Baby girl continues to be SUPER active and strong. Today I actually got some of her movements on video.
Baby boy is quieter until late afternoon and I think this may be because he's head down now. I often have trouble knowing who is kicking, since they both have their legs on my right side.


  1. You look beautiful! (Hair and body included :). Congrats on making it to the 30 week milestone. And hopefully you'll have another good sleep tonight!

  2. Thanks Sue! All things come to pass right? My sleep has improved steadily this week.

  3. Look at you! Hot momma to be! Love the posts, keep up the writing, it is so nice to join you on your pregnancy adventure with twins.

  4. I wonder what their personalities will be like when they arrive? If the things you notice now will stay true once out of your belly?

  5. You still look great sis!!! Not long now and you will have 2 little bundles of joy to show for all your hard work:)

  6. Tara, if they do have similar personalities when they are born as they do now she will be constantly moving....constantly, non-stop wiggle girl. He will be calm and placid half the day and then crazy busy from 2-5am.
    Might be challenging to get them on a single schedule.