Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classes Begin

Yesterday we attended our very first childbirth class.

I waffled about signing up for it for several reasons. It's expensive. Most people I know say all the info goes out the window when you get into the real situation. And the big reason, with twins only a portion of the information will be relevant for us....and we won't know what our options are until we know the positions of the babies close to the end. And that 'end' is also unknown.

However, given that this may be our only pregnancy and childbirth experience, and given that having more info may make me feel better before the big day, I signed us up. Also, as my doctor said, she didn't take the classes but in retrospect her husband was traumatized and the classes would have given them an opportunity to discuss the possibilities ahead of time. So we are signed up and classes have begun.

What I already know is I'll be delivering in an operating room with an epidural. (Note: epidural does not mean I'll have to have the medication, just that the epidural 'line' will be in in case they need to act fast.) I also know that unless baby boy (A) is in the right position, it'll be a mandatory c-section. However, even if it's a c-section, that doesn't mean I won't go into labour. And the more I know when that happens, the better. :)

What I learned last night is what to look for if my water breaks. I also learned that even if it is looking like a vaginal delivery, I will likely labour at the hospital, even in the very early stages. And if it does end up being a vaginal delivery, babies are born before placentas. So that was 3 things that I learned in an hour of her talking about stuff that is mostly irrelevant to us. But whatever, it gave us a chance to meet other pregnant people and also stuff to talk about.

One of the ice breakers the teacher had us do was to introduce ourselves and what the best and worst part of pregnancy has been for us so far. Andrew and I kept our answers pregnancy related but afterwards we agreed that the best part is just the fact that we have achieved pregnancy and the worst was everything that came before - 2.5 years of trying.

Those years of infertility were so hard and so sad that this whole pregnancy journey seems like a short fast ride through Miracleville. I am still amazed to be here, amazed to feel them move, amazed to be a part of this beautiful thing that my body is doing. Compared to 2.5 years, this pregnancy gig is really short lived..... and it`s probably going to come to an end in a short 8 weeks.


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