Friday, August 19, 2011


Stacey: Andrew, I'm scared of what it might be like trying to take care of two newborns.
Andrew : That's a healthy fear.

We laughed.
Not exactly a helpful reply but what else is there to say? We'll just do our best.


At my last Dr apt, I was cleared to go out and get a pedicure if I wanted to. This is the first summer in years and years that I have not had painted toes. But I can't stand to have someone else touching my feet and it wouldn't be worth the money to pay for a whole pedicure and ask only for the paint job.

So tonight I asked my husband if he'd be willing to paint my toe nails. He chose the colour (bright pink) and from my vantage point of 5 feet away they look pretty darn good. I'm thoroughly impressed.

At exactly 29 weeks the babies started needing MORE. More food that is. After I eat the babies are very active and I can't help but imagining them using up all those calories I just consumed. And suddenly I can't get through a night without a snack. Sometime between 2 and 4 I'm incapable of staying in bed, I desperately need additional nutrients.
I wish this translated into being able to eat anything I want. But with the return of heartburn and an additional sensitivity to my blood sugar levels, I actually need to be more careful about my food than a week ago. Cookies actually don't appeal to me much and I need balanced snacks spread evenly throughout the day.
New learning: Water does not help heartburn but pickles do! Why is that?!?


  1. For heartburn try a handful of raw almonds. It worked for me.

  2. I hear watemelon can help too. Sadly I'm alergic to nuts, mostly almonds and peanuts. Thank goodness for pickles.