Sunday, August 28, 2011


Lesson from second birth class: People have different pain tolerances, pain thresholds. To give us some idea of how we handle pain, everyone in the class gripped an ice cube for a full 60 seconds.
I was the only one hyperventilating and near tears by the end of the minute.
The instructor looked at me with true compassion and apologized in advance, "I'm so sorry for you. I'm the same. I'm so sorry."

Sitting on the couch at the end of a lovely summer day. A large object suddenly enters my peripheral vision .... a dear runs past the window ..... followed by my husband.
Laughing, I'm waiting for him to come into the house and explain and then suddenly a dear runs past the window..... followed by my husband.
Dejavu? Doing laps? Common enemy chasing both of them?
"There were two dear!" he claimed when he finally came in.

I learn later my hilarity was matched by my neighbour who saw the same activity from her kitchen window...crazy young guy next door doing laps with the wildlife.
Andrew maintains that although it did nothing to scare the dear away for any length of time it made him feel better.

The witching hours for me are between 2 and 4. I'm almost guaranteed to be up for at least an hour during that time.
Sometimes it's because I wake up hungry. Sometimes I wake up hurting and can't find a comfortable position and my legs get restless. Sometimes I wake up feeling sick, like something just isn't right and the more I try to sleep, the more sick I feel.
Regardless of the reason I do the same thing. I quietly put on my pj pants and leave the room so I don't wake the hubby. (Yes, still sharing a bed but he gets less space these days.) I waddle to the kitchen and blearily get a snack, usually crackers and cheese and a tall glass of water.
I usually sit on the couch and surf facebook while stupid TV plays in the background as I munch. I don't want to stimulate my brain too much by reading, particularly baby related stuff which is guaranteed to bring me to full 'studying-for-a-critical-final, better-know-this-stuff' alertness.
However, lately I pulled out a scrapbook kit that I received from my great friend Hillary. I carefully took out all the little pieces and separated them into types and piles. I spread it all out on the dining room table so I could see it all. Since I don't think I'll ever be a great scrapbooker I've given myself permission to use every tiny piece in that kit and BOY is it ever freeing. I'm having a blast! Plus, it isn't brain work, it's visual so when I do go back to bed, I fall asleep with lovely images and no thoughts. It's the perfect meditative middle-of-the-night activity.

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  1. Yeah! So glad that worked as a gift. I love how you are using every piece...totally the way to go! However, I'm not convinced you won't become completely addicted to scrapbooking once you see the photos of those beautiful babes in there. :)