Monday, August 22, 2011

Ultrasound 29 and 5

Ultrasound day! We're at 29 weeks and 5 days and things are looking good.

Babies are measuring exactly the same size: 2lb and 14oz each, which is what the baby books say a singleton should be at this stage. The OB is happy although he said their stomaches are measuring a little small. So we'll see him again in 2.5 weeks to ensure both are growing well.

Otherwise the big news is that the babies have totally changed their positions, which may explain some of the massive discomfort and belly contortions I've experienced in the past week. I mean contortions where I'm certain they are stacked on top of each other trying to excavate their way out of my solar plexus. And discomfort that wakes me from a very peaceful sleep saying, "ouch ouch ouch, what is happening in there and how do I make it stop?"

Our baby boy is now head down! This is a first and it's great news because if he stays that way, we have a shot at delivering rather than a c-section. Our baby girl is still transverse but her head is now on the left rather than the right. And both of their little bums and legs are squished over to my right, which explains all the jabs and rib jumping I feel on my right side.

This past week has brought a lot more contractions and I have less influence on them than I used to. It used to be that if I had contractions, I would sit or lie down and relax and they'd go away. Also, lying down used to be quite comfortable. That isn't the case anymore. The OB confirmed that since my uterus is now the size it would be for a full term single baby, this is totally normal and will likely increase. As long as there isn't consistent pain with the contractions and there are less than 6/hour, I shouldn't worry. Plus my cervix is still about 2.5cm, so clearly the contractions are not 'effective' yet.

So I will keep resting lots, sleeping when I can and we'll all keep on growing. :)

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  1. grow, grow,, eat, eat...sleep, sleep, sleep :)