Thursday, September 8, 2011

32 weeks Zoom Zoom

Today we had another ultrasound and the OB is happy. Both babies are a little small but still growing well. Baby boy is now about 3lb 10oz and Baby girl is about 3lb 15oz. And there is nothing to indicate that I won't carry through to 36 or 38 weeks. So there's nothing to worry about but we can expect rather small babies. I'm fine with small as long as they are strong and healthy.

We've made huge progress over the past week. Andrew finished the closet shelves and they are fantastic. They are also now filled with freshly washed newborn clothes. We have diapers and wipes and car seats. We are 'this' close to being ready!

One of the huge TO DOs on our list (an unanticipated big freakin deal) became apparent after we bought the car seats in August. Two car seats fit in the back of my car only if the driver was small.... in other words, the hubby could not comfortably drive us all home from the hospital in the car. Our other option, the truck, would be impossible for me to haul babies in and out of and would probably be very hard to climb in and out of while recovering from birthing two babies!

So, ultimately, we needed a new car! GAAAH! We both hate the idea of shopping for, negotiating over and paying for a vehical - new or used. But the stars aligned and some prayers were answered and on the last day of August, we found ourselves test driving a lovely 2008 Mazda 5. It's got every bell and whistle you can imagine but the important thing is it has sliding rear doors and enough room for the double stroller in the back.

Blah blah negotiation frustration.... blah blah never feel good leaving a car dealership.... blah blah need to write 'dissatisfying experience' letter.

After all is said and done, in the end, we are now the proud new owners of a skookum, gorgeous 2008 Mazda, which we hope to have for many many many years to come. :) So, not only can we have babies but we can transport them safely. YAY!


  1. Wow sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it! And by the way - you forgot the most important feature - the COLOUR!

  2. Ha ha, the colour is silver, just like my previous car....hides the dirt which is the most important thing. :)