Friday, September 16, 2011

33 Week Photo

33 Weeks and 40lbs weight gain! Baby boy should be about 4lbs now and baby girl should be around 4lb 5oz if they're continuing the way they have been.

My weight gain slowed down the past two weeks so I'm thinking my body has just about had enough. I'm grateful for the cooler weather and I'm grateful that I haven't experienced any of the swelling that most women with twins experience. I do kind of wonder at how much of this weight is in my belly because I'm amazed that I weigh this much and yet can still see my ribs.

In other news, the house is back in one piece and sealed for the winter!! Woohoo. We just need deck rails and then phase one of deck replacement will be complete. Phase two is for next summer. Here's the hubby putting the house back together again.
And the shelves.....they are done and beautiful! They are filled with clean baby clothes, ready for the twins to arrive. YAY!! Pics to come.

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  1. Wow, now that is a maternity pic! You look great, like you really are having twins.