Tuesday, September 13, 2011

33 Weeks

It's nearly unbelievable to me that we are here at 33 weeks. If we make it to 36, I'm going to be shocked. If we go straight to 38, it will be nothing short of a miracle. My body is carrying 8lbs of baby, that's already much bigger than my family usually carries.

This week had some rough days. Babies were changing positions and the pain had me nearly unable to walk on Saturday. Getting in and out of bed was agony all night long.

Now baby girl is back on top and facing out; all her hands and feet and knee and elbow movements are again visible and very much felt all day. It's a little freaky at times but also reassuring.

Baby boy ... tough to tell. I don't think he's as head down as he was and I only feel a few movements a day that I am sure are him, which is unsettling. Will ask the Dr about that this week.

We had our second last childbirthing class yesterday. We reviewed the stages of labour, saw another video, talked about baby blues and post partum depression. It was good info.... but twins will be pretty different than what the 'norm' is. I think the previous class was the best, informed consent discussion helped me understand what I can ask for regardless of the situation we find ourselves in - c-section, epidural, both, etc.

At the break last night I asked how the other ladies are sleeping. Apparently other people sleep! Grumble! I wake up every hour (2 hrs max) in pain.....either hip agony or a painful contraction. Either way I very gingerly, cautiously, awkwardly roll myself out of bed to pee and have a sip of water. The only good thing is that after months of this I'm totally used to it. Maybe I'll adjust more easily to babies waking me all night long. Here's hoping!


  1. It sounds like you might actually sleep better after these babies are born! Crossing fingers. :)

    Congrats on making it to 33 weeks, that's pretty darn impressive.

  2. Maybe the little guy is quiet b/c the little girl is so busy! heehee
    So cool you can SEE the movements in your belly.
    Good luck Stac!!!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm crossing my fingers for another 3 weeks.
    I do have a video of the belly movement. I'll see if I can post it sometime.