Saturday, September 24, 2011

34.5 Weeks

At 34 weeks exactly I felt pretty aweful so here is 34.5 weeks and 42lbs weight gain.
At my non-stress test on Thursday the nurse remarked, "34 weeks! Aren't you a tight little package." ha haha In any other context or coming from a man, that would have meant something totally different!

In other news, the nursery wall decal is finally done. Very soon we'll have the crib skirts and mattresses sorted out. Since I'm planning to have these two sleep next to me in a co-sleeper in our room, I'm not super anxious about getting the mattresses, sheets, etc sorted. But hopefully next week will bring the finishing touches.

And here are the gorgeous shelves all filled with baby girl and baby boy clothes, all washed and ready for babies!

My 33rd week was really rough. I think it was mostly due to gas, which has no room to go or expand when there are two babies bouncing around and then contractions start. But things are getting better.

Thank goodness for doctors. I've got some sleeping pills and some heartburn pills and am stocked up on good iron supplements.

Here's to making it to 35 weeks!


  1. A.MA.ZING!!! I can't believe what an incredible journey this has been for you, Andrew and those wee ones. The room looks beautiful and you look fantastic. So exciting!

  2. So happy for you - and you should be so proud of your tight little package - yippeee!!!