Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights

There are a lot of ups and downs to this pregnancy. On the bad days I struggle to remember the good stuff and when this is over I want to remember both.

So here is the good stuff:

1. I've never been so confident and comfortable with my body image. When I notice people looking at me, in the past I wondered what they saw, why they were looking. Now I think I know what they see and I am so happy with the miracle of being pregnant that I can't even conceive of there being a negative reason for the looks. They're looking because it's amazing, because I'm cute waddling around, because my belly is so perfectly round and protruding, because the promise of life is amazing. I love being out of the house where people can see this amazing thing my body is doing.

2. Baby movements are awesome! I never tire of wondering and hypothesizing about what baby part is making that particular movement and whether it's him or her. Was that an elbow or a knee? Is she turning or are they both moving together to do this? Is that her head or her back? Oh, he must have the hiccups because that is so rhythmic! It's fun and makes me feel like I know them both a little bit. She's a very energetic baby. He's more layed back.

3. Strangers are nice and strike up conversations about my favourite topic - the babies. Unless I'm having a really bad day, I'll tell anyone that we're expecting twins and that it's a boy and a girl and answer any questions they ask. It's fun. I feel special. The world feels like a very friendly place.

4. Lots of quiet time to myself to rest and read and think and dream and plan and hope and pray about these little ones.

5. Every week is an accomplishment even if I haven't done anything that I previously would have considered an accomplishment. My main goal is to take care of myself.... not a bad way to spend a few months.

6. At 33 weeks, no stretch marks yet! Whoohoo! AND no swelling, no uncontrollable nausea, no wierd skin issues. In fact I've had very clear skin with the exception of eczema.

7. Very few food issues and no worries about weight gain. So I eat good food all day and don't hesitate to have dessert.

If I think of more, I'll add to this post because the good stuff is important.

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