Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pregnancy Lowlights

Is lowlights a word? Maybe not but that's okay. In the interest of honesty and posterity here are the not so great things about this pregnancy.

1. Pain. I've had a lot of pain from very early on in the pregnancy. Around 3-4 months the ligament and tendons started really complaining about the internal pressure and that didn't let up for about 3 months. Then there was the random belly pain for several months, which came and went with little or no explanation but was daily. The fibroyd pain was nasty for a couple months and was worse the more I moved around. Last trimester is hip pain and now wicked groin pain... like my pubic bone may be breaking. Not good times but not constant either, there has been relief.

2. Occassional extreme discomfort/ they are trying to escape through my skin and are standing on my intestines for leverage. Intestines that are struggling with iron issues.

3. Iron deficiency. I had no idea what this would do to me. It's an awful feeling.... not just a feeling of being tired but almost flu like: weakness, foggy thinking, inability to cope, just totally wrung out. Luckily the Dr's have been recommending higher and higher doses of iron supplements. So this only happens occassionally or when I've expended too much energy in a day.

4. Sleep ....oh I remember sleep, vaguely. For months now I've only slept 2 hours at a stretch. This is a good night. A bad night happens when I'm awake for hours unable to sleep with restless legs, pain, contractions, really strong baby movements, heartburn, etc. I usually just get up and eat and eventually I'll tire out enough to sleep.

5. Worry! There was lots of time to worry as I counted the weeks, praying we'd make it till the babies are big enough to be born safely. Needless to say I'm incredibly grateful to be writing this in the past tense.

6. Physical restrictions. I've written a lot about how frustrating it can be to be stuck on the couch unable to do the things I want to do to prepare for this major life change.

For a twin pregnancy I've been lucky. Looking at this list actually makes me feel pretty grateful.


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