Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Andrew has vetoed babies arriving any time prior to Sept 28 due to his work schedule. I am in agreement for them to stay put until at least the 27th, because the 25th is Andrew's CPR/Save a child course and the 26th is our hospital tour. :)

But really, I'm feeling pretty done. I'm feeling stretched and tense and uncomfortable and exhausted. I've taken myself off the roads too. No more driving because I experience too many contractions and random pains that limit my mobility....which could be a really bad thing behind the wheel of a car.

My parents relocate to town on Thursday (staying at a friends place nearby) so I'll have support around for Dr visits and Andrew will get a bit of a break on cooking and grocery shopping.

Life is about to change. This is good but I'm also feeling resistant. I'm ready for the babies. I'm ready to look forward to feeling better and better each week instead of feeling worse. But I also love my life with Andrew and am nervous about it changing dramatically. Although I'm sooo grateful that we will have help from my Mom, I'm also anxious about what that looks like. There are so many unknowns.

More opportunity to learn about surrender. :)


  1. At least you're anticipating and expecting the dramatic change. I realize you won't know how it will change until you're in it, but being prepared is a good thing. And eventually it will become the norm.

  2. It is one of the most exciting changes of your life!!! What a crazy time. No doubt you are feeling a little of everything. Hang in there friend, you are doing awesome!