Friday, October 14, 2011

No Room at the Inn

When there is no room at the inn, you are given a stable .... and God provides you with everything you need including mangers in NICUs.

Victoria NICU was full. No space anticipated for some time. We were instructed to leave for Nanaino asap.

Babies are here and safe but small and needing to be watched carefully in the NICU for a little while. More details soon but here are the stats:

Samson Asher Gillan: 4lbs 13oz, Born Oct 13 at 11:04pm
Rachel Mikayla Gillan: 5lbs, Born Oct 14 at 12:09pm

Both beautiful!

Induction went well. Very fast labour. Vaginal deliveries. Epidurals amazing. Happy Mom and Dad. Recovering well. More soon.


  1. Congrats! Mom.... I have been excited to refer to you as Mom Stacey ever since you got pregnant!

    Lucky Rachel has a big brother!

    Rest while you can! Hugs to Mom, Dad, Samson and Rachel!

  2. COngrats! Such great news! Very happy for you guys. Very cool they are twins with their OWN birthdays. best of both worlds :)Looking forward to lots of pictures.

  3. Awesome to hear!! love to all 4 of you.